Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm finally reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

And it has changed my life. With my new found love for documentaries and docudramas, my eyes have been opened to how our food is made and abused, and it is changing me. Hence daydreaming about farms, and trying to buy my fruits and veggies in season. I'm not totally there, but it is a step by step process. Although fingers crossed the farm will happen some day.

However, Adam and I really lucky because we live next to the Falls Church Farmer's Market which is rated the best in America. And it is open year round with grass feed beef, fresh eggs and milk, and whatever might be in season. Here was our first adventure there:

This will be eggplant parmesan tomorrow night!
Best chocolate milk in the world, and we are having swiss chard salad with our eggplant!
Better than candy.
Fresh mozzy went on our pizza last night, and it was heavenly.
Three kinds of good.
Adam's hot, hot pepper plan that is supposed to be fruitful all year long.

This became kale chips, a need to go a little lighter on the salt, but so good.

Fresh basil and heirloom tomatoes were the other ingredients on our pizza.

Three weekends ago...

I bought my last basket of peaches from the farmer's market (tear), and made this blueberry-peach was amazo! There is something about the little personalized dishes that makes it seem so fancy, I wonder why?
Peaches I'll miss you...apples and pears, so nice to taste you again.

Monday, September 27, 2010

where have i been...

....Daydreaming about farming.

These captivating pictures help. The farmers are young and beautiful, the food amazing looking, the landscape is intoxicating, and the animals adorable. It makes me yearn for a different life. In fact I've been thinking more and more about settling on a farm someday. I can love clothes and want chickens, right?

Yes, please.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chocolate puddin

My dad will not eat instant pudding. My husband was baffled by this, because he loves snack packs. I tried to explain that it is because real homemade, stovetop pudding is just so delicious you don't want anything else after you've had it. Although, I've eaten my occasional snack pack in desperation. However, it then occurred to me that maybe making my own pudding isn't as hard as I think. So, I used the internet and found this recipe...clearly this woman understands me (see "you can make it easily on a weeknight" and "the second step can be skipped if you are lazy"). Hence, the most delicious dark chocolate pudding on a Monday night!

I just wish my pictures were as pretty as the ones on smitten kitchen!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Julia Child solution:


All of this was disorganized and hard to get to, but when renting, what can you do, you can't create more space...or can you? Vertical is always an option.

Oh Julia you've taught me well! I should also say that while Julia Child gave me the idea to hang pots from a peg board, my mother showed me how! And, my husband did all the hard work, aka building the frame, anchoring it to the wall, and making everything fit on the peg board! Thanks family!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

anthropologie lovin' (slip edition)

In general, I feel like the slip has lost its place in my generations lexicon of attractive clothing. But like sexy hose and tights, I think they are making a come back. Who wouldn't want to wear one of these beautiful, even sexy slips? It is both retro and convenient. And for Anthropologie not all that overpriced.

beautiful picture

I didn't like most of this post on apartment therapy, but this picture is so beautiful.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pizza on the grill...mmmmm

I married a pizza lovin' man...and a damn good grilled pizza he makes:
Why yes, that is basil from our garden! The tomatoes are heirlooms from the grocer, because our still aren't growing...but look at what A might be getting for his birthday!

So delicious you don't even know.

If you attempt to grill pizza at home (and you should!) be sure to use a anti-stick spray on the grill and generously spread olive oil over both sides. It takes about five minutes on both sides and you will not succeed if your toppings aren't already prepared. Good luck!

My man comes through (part 2)

Its rhubarb in my hom

A brings me flowers all the time when he goes grocery shopping. Thanks to a lot of really sweet family and friends I have a plethora of amazing vases:

(Not the best picture, but the only one on my computer of all the vases)

and my sweet husband does what he can to fill them up. However, last night, I already had a vase full of flowers, so instead A found rhubarb and made me a might be the best gift since he returned home!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

anthropologie lovin' (home edition)

I've been ogling this since October, but when the house fell through, I realized this rug was not meant to be yet.

These are some lawn chairs I can get behind (but not at that price).

I literally want this soooo bad, and I have the perfect place, but convincing A to spend 300 on a lamp is not too easy.

I love it, but I have too many school loans to pay $1000 on something I could buy at an antique shop or flea market and then stencil.

Anthro, our love is one in which I want you, but I can't afford you. Sigh.

summery table settings making me smile