Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm finally reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

And it has changed my life. With my new found love for documentaries and docudramas, my eyes have been opened to how our food is made and abused, and it is changing me. Hence daydreaming about farms, and trying to buy my fruits and veggies in season. I'm not totally there, but it is a step by step process. Although fingers crossed the farm will happen some day.

However, Adam and I really lucky because we live next to the Falls Church Farmer's Market which is rated the best in America. And it is open year round with grass feed beef, fresh eggs and milk, and whatever might be in season. Here was our first adventure there:

This will be eggplant parmesan tomorrow night!
Best chocolate milk in the world, and we are having swiss chard salad with our eggplant!
Better than candy.
Fresh mozzy went on our pizza last night, and it was heavenly.
Three kinds of good.
Adam's hot, hot pepper plan that is supposed to be fruitful all year long.

This became kale chips, a need to go a little lighter on the salt, but so good.

Fresh basil and heirloom tomatoes were the other ingredients on our pizza.

Three weekends ago...

I bought my last basket of peaches from the farmer's market (tear), and made this blueberry-peach was amazo! There is something about the little personalized dishes that makes it seem so fancy, I wonder why?
Peaches I'll miss you...apples and pears, so nice to taste you again.