Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Anthro Love

Currently, I'm eyeing the following:

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Need a vanity

I suppose we are all a little vain, and the perfect way to display the need to look beautiful? Something called a vanity. Now, I need something small and pretty...

I'm thinking this (the white one):

{image from West Elm}

But painting it like this:

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Only I would do fuschia, or maybe a pretty blue, or maybe gold...Only time (and I suppose my ability to simply choose a color) will tell, still trying to decide how to decorate the bedroom. Colors in the bedroom are so important. Two of the most important parts of your day happen there, and the wrong colors could make it difficult to sleep well. 

I think gold is a must, and I love blues and greens. I am really into the overdyed rugs right now, and would love an 8x10 in there, but I wonder what would be the right choice...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring so far...

Hello again blog world. I thought I was done blogging, but then, I changed my mind...So, here is what we've been doing this spring:

 Despite living here for three and half years, we had our first date to the tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms...they were beautiful. 
Took our 2012 Puerto Rico. It was perfect. Sometimes we think we dreamed it up, but I have the pictures to prove it. 
Rented a HOUSE in the CITY! It is awesome as you can imagine!

Lovely thrift store adventure find.

A noteworthy pinterest try: strawberry-riesling slushy...scrumptious! 

Broke the camera in PR, so we are ipod touching it for a while. My current obsessions are this and this. See you soon...hopefully.

Friday, September 23, 2011


I don't really blog anymore, because pinterest really does everything that I used my blog for, which was put all the things I love in one place. But tonight, I feel like writing something that will go out in the great abyss and can't be taken away.

There is so much in this world to worry about. A war that is both painfully overdue for an end, but that is also stopping potential genocide, civil war, and forced Taliban rule. Massive middle east uproars, world wide economic disaster, despair, and destitution. Insane natural disasters from hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, flooding, and fires. The blight of the bees, the state of farming today which is both awful and confounding. The fact that an entire generation of Americans is simply not growing up (ie moving out of their parent's homes, not marrying, not having children, etc.) due to a horrid lack of jobs. The way animals are treated from our grain fed cows to football players hosting dog fights. The number of homeless families, to poor mental health care given to those in poverty and those returning from war. Its overwhelming. I don't know what to think or how to effectively operate in a world where it feels like everything is falling apart, yet nothing really feels different.

I still go to work and listen to my female co-workers complain about a lack of men. I hang out with friends, who talk about the latest movie that is showing. I still come home and do my dishes and walk the dog. I make love to my husband; I wash my hair; life is moving on and yet, with SO much bad, how is it moving on, so consistently?

Since a manifesto is a public declaration of principals and/or intentions I want to say the following about what I've decided based on the fact that in the big picture the world is coming to an end, but in my day to day life it really isn't:

1. I want to buy and eat pesticide-free food. That is made in America by Americans.
2. I want to eat meat, whether cow, pig, or chicken, that eats what it ate 200 years ago, whether that be grass or scrapes.
3. I want to save the bees.
4. I declare my support of the troops. I want us to leave our wars, but also be able to determine a solution so that Iraq doesn't burst into a civil war focused on eradicating a certain people, and the Taliban are not able to create their country in Afghanistan-and no I do not know how that is to be.
5. I want to raise my children to love nature by playing outside, hold real books and turn real pages, and know the art of conversation as a way of speaking not texting.
6. I want to pray more. Whether that is in the form of yoga or the Eucharist or quite meditation.
7. I want to have a hobby farm someday. In which my husband and I grow our own produce, raise our own chickens, have our own beehive, and can what we can't eat at that moment.
9. I want to be married to the same man forever.
10. I want to travel.
11. I want to practice consumerism in a way that does not innately create poverty.
12. I want to do my dishes more often, so that they don't get so smelly.
13. I want to complain less, and do more.
14. I want to make my own ice cream.
15. I want to help revive newspapers, magazines, and museums.
16. I want to knit a pouf.
17. I want a lot, and I want to contribute.

I feel better. I hope a do better too.

Friday, July 8, 2011


watch this video...seriously people. It is all i want in a porch, and really in life...

ps. notice the little love seat from a few posts back? See meant to be!

Friday, June 24, 2011

omg, ridiculous, but awesome

Would I pay $180 for a designer dog bed? Probably not, but they are so cool!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From Lonny Magazine...Dressing Parisian

I can get behind most of these suggestions...

Here is the run down to be Parisian chic, if you can't read the add in the magazine:

10. Jeans with gem-encrusted sandals (not sneakers).
9. Pencil skirt with ballet flats (not heels).
8. A sequined sweater with men's trousers (not with a skirt).
7. A diamond necklace with a denim skirt during the day (not a black dress in the evening) ~ personal note, diamonds are an all day kind of thing personally....don't hate me Paris I'm an American that's all...
6. Loafers with shorts, even with socks (not with long slacks and no socks).
5. An evening dress with ultra plain open toed sandals (not with the gem-encrusted evening variety).
4. A pearl necklace with a rock and roll t-shirt (not with a simple shift dress) ~ utterly agree.
3. A chiffon print dress with battered biker boots (not with brand new ballet flats).
2. A tux jacket with sneakers (not femme fatal stilettos).
1. An evening dress with a straw handbag (not a gold clutch).

Basic take away message: never be all glam, because then you are trying to hard, try to be casual with some flare. Love it Paris.