Sunday, January 31, 2010

The BED!

We finally have our bed frame, and we came up with a cheap little solution for behind the bed as well~
I'm pretty happy with the look I just need the dust ruffle and I'm all done!

Friday, January 29, 2010

speaking of sweet...

Also, I'm kind of in love with this...

I mean what's not to love?

*Thanks baby! I'm wearing it right now! Happy Valentines Day to you too!

oh how I love sweets...

So, sweets are my life. I'd give up all other foods for them. I tell people I prefer to bake over cooking because it is easier, but really I just prefer to eat the baked goods more! I've got some ridiculous headcold right now, and I'm thinking I'll just stay in tonight, try this granola recipe, and watch 24.

Also, on this topic, which is my favorite, I think I need this cookbook...yes, yes I do. I made the carmel corn recipe in here during the holidays, and it was a HUGE success! Also, I made it without the candy therm. and it was all good, but probably would have been easier with the help of the thermometer. Oh well, I didn't feel like buying one, but maybe I will need to soon.

Monday, January 25, 2010

current little obsession...

A and I do not need anything else on our walls. Period. Literally, we have boxes of things we don't even have room for, but I need this. The beauty, the colors, the tribal, the everything. I realize, I'm not Finish, nor do I believe in the Spirits of the North, but tribal folk lore, is a part of my history, as I am part Cherokee, and something about it speaks to my inner self. Now, here of course is my predicament, where to put it and how to afford it. Oh life, the conundrums you give us.

{source and artist: Sanna Annukka)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy month, but I must start knitting and crafting again

So, I have two projects I need to start on top of all the resolutions I have planned for the year. I must learn to knit and start folding my paper cranes, because I found the perfect place in my apartment for the mobile to hang. Also my sweet and sexy husband is traveling for a while and I'll need a distraction. Now, I've talked about the knitting before and it simply has never panned out. I keep putting it off and putting off. Well my dear, wonderful friend Meg, made me a lovely scarf and hat for my birthday and then gave me knitting needles and some lovely yarn. Thus, I must learn to knit now. Also, I have started following this post, and I have an unbelieveable addiction to it, and I want to knit everything on it! Most especially this...

Isn't it adorable? I would want it in a punchy color, but I think I'm in love. I look at it almost everyday, and I know exactly where it shall go in my humble abode. The pattern looks pretty tricky so I'll have to get some experience. Eventually, I also want to do this and this. Wow knitting could really open up my wardrobe! Oh and this and this and this.....Oh my, I'm getting very ahead of myself!

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010: The year of resolutions

So, my dear readers, ie my husband and mama, I rarely if ever have a new years resolution. My lovely sister usually has enough for everyone, and they are crazy, like no chocolate or no cokes for the whole year.

However, last year felt a little too chaotic, and it was also full of A LOT of change. So, I'm looking for a slightly calmer year. One thing I do know is I need to be baking more. I made this yummy lemon dessert for New Years, and while it wasn't pretty it is super tasty. Then, while I was unpacking, almost the last box, I found all the equipment for creme brulee. You see my grandparents gave this to me about EIGHT years ago, and I've never made it. I'm a disgrace, I know. SO, 2010 is going to be the YEAR OF CREME BRULEE!!! And I'm sure my grandfather is smiling down from heaven since he used to tease me relentlessly about eating it. I have this cook book, and I'm going to cook them ALL. Unless of course they don't sound good. I realize this sounds a little like the Julie and Julia blog/movie, and while it was somewhat inspiring, really it was the fact that I have a torch and I've never used it.

Next, my two sisters and mom, have challenged me to get organized. We all bought this book, and there is a big prize at the end of the year for which ever of us is the Organizing Queen of the World, or at least our own world. Every week there is something new to organize and get ready. Somethings won't effect me, like when it says clean out a child's closet, or prepare for a move (done and done, here is hoping I'm NOT moving in 2010), but other things are simpler.

The third resolution is to have all Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. I have already started. I bought my niece a very cute purple tinsel tree to have as her very own during the holidays.

Finally, my very last resolution, I got from my sister, I am not going to forget a birthday this year. I'm making a calendar book right now, and I'm buying this and this card in bulk so that I can have them on call when I need one. Also, I organized all my cards last night, and I have a whole bunch all stocked up! Hopefully, I succeed. January is a busy month!

That is all for now...wish me luck!