Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy month, but I must start knitting and crafting again

So, I have two projects I need to start on top of all the resolutions I have planned for the year. I must learn to knit and start folding my paper cranes, because I found the perfect place in my apartment for the mobile to hang. Also my sweet and sexy husband is traveling for a while and I'll need a distraction. Now, I've talked about the knitting before and it simply has never panned out. I keep putting it off and putting off. Well my dear, wonderful friend Meg, made me a lovely scarf and hat for my birthday and then gave me knitting needles and some lovely yarn. Thus, I must learn to knit now. Also, I have started following this post, and I have an unbelieveable addiction to it, and I want to knit everything on it! Most especially this...

Isn't it adorable? I would want it in a punchy color, but I think I'm in love. I look at it almost everyday, and I know exactly where it shall go in my humble abode. The pattern looks pretty tricky so I'll have to get some experience. Eventually, I also want to do this and this. Wow knitting could really open up my wardrobe! Oh and this and this and this.....Oh my, I'm getting very ahead of myself!

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