Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pizza on the grill...mmmmm

I married a pizza lovin' man...and a damn good grilled pizza he makes:
Why yes, that is basil from our garden! The tomatoes are heirlooms from the grocer, because our still aren't growing...but look at what A might be getting for his birthday!

So delicious you don't even know.

If you attempt to grill pizza at home (and you should!) be sure to use a anti-stick spray on the grill and generously spread olive oil over both sides. It takes about five minutes on both sides and you will not succeed if your toppings aren't already prepared. Good luck!

My man comes through (part 2)

Its rhubarb in my hom

A brings me flowers all the time when he goes grocery shopping. Thanks to a lot of really sweet family and friends I have a plethora of amazing vases:

(Not the best picture, but the only one on my computer of all the vases)

and my sweet husband does what he can to fill them up. However, last night, I already had a vase full of flowers, so instead A found rhubarb and made me a might be the best gift since he returned home!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

anthropologie lovin' (home edition)

I've been ogling this since October, but when the house fell through, I realized this rug was not meant to be yet.

These are some lawn chairs I can get behind (but not at that price).

I literally want this soooo bad, and I have the perfect place, but convincing A to spend 300 on a lamp is not too easy.

I love it, but I have too many school loans to pay $1000 on something I could buy at an antique shop or flea market and then stencil.

Anthro, our love is one in which I want you, but I can't afford you. Sigh.

summery table settings making me smile

sea life is everywhere

if I was having a winter wedding...

...I'd wear this:


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

because I like this picture:

This is a combination of love for my puppy and my porch.

Monday, June 14, 2010

my obsession of with rhubarb

I'm aching for rhubarb...the tang, the juice, the deliciousness, and all the many recipes that come from them. I only discovered the magical taste last summer, and now I can't get any, because apparently it only grows in the spring, but I got it late summer last year. I'm trying to grow my own, but it is slow going. If anyone in this area: NOVA, DC, or MD, have some or know where I can get it let me know. Here are some pics for ogling over:

*Note to self: When planting what you think is rhubarb, make sure you read the seed packet very carefully, because there is something called ruby red rhubarb swiss chard, and that is a leafy, lettuce vegetable, and it is what is planted in my container garden, and thus I still have no hope of rhubarb.

Once A discovered the mishap, he did go buy true rhubarb seeds, but now I have actually read about growing rhubarb, and I have learn some important tidbits for the future: 1. it is finicky about the temperature 2. once you get it to grow, it can get our of control and you'll have rhubarb up to your ears...I could only hope...

Thus, I'm putting aside my rhubarb dreams for now, and focusing on convincing the condo association we live in to let us grow a community garden behind our building next spring...and you better believe I'll have my rhubarb seeds ready!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The duffle bag I want

I want, i want, i want...and incidentally I need a new duffle bag (last one

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I'm looking for some new sneaks. I was really interested in Toms, but Keds are a walk down memory lane, and they are super cute.

I like all of these, but also this speciality design and this one. And then this as well...So many lovely choices, but I wish they weren't so expensive. I thought Keds were cheap?

my man comes through:

Yellow is so my new favorite outdoor color! Bright, cheerful, and, well, yellow!