Friday, May 22, 2009

not into porn, but...

So, as a general rule of thumb, porn is gross to me, but only because I thought of it as nudie THIS I am very into (eating of course!) It is also now a link in the blogs i read.

Here are some of the most seductive...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

happiness is present

Where does one find happiness? Now, I know you can't buy it, but I must say my new apple laptop is making me smile REAL big! My tired old, ancient dell from Christmas 2002 had seen better days, furthermore it weighed about 15 pounds, while this pretty, white doll only weighs five! I did not just get her for aesthetic reasons or to save my lower back, but I'm starting grad school in August and I needed something that moved a bit faster than my Gigi after a toddy or two. Plus, I, like so much of my generation, am enamored with Apple. Got a free Ipod too, which will be circling the world soon...keep reading to find out how and when its coming your way.

Now, on to more creative and delicious things.

I love these cute little hair gems, but I can't afford 
them, and I also question if they are worth the price. 

I thought to myself as I browsed the website, I can make something like that for much, much less. And I did:

Truly, this cost me $1.99 at Michael's because I already had the 
head band and ribbon. It is fun and flirty, and I'm excited to try it out in public.

Also, I couldn't resist this recipe...these are so good it w
ill make you want to "slap yo mama," as my boss says. I must say part of my love for these brownies are because my favorite flavor combination is chocolate and peanut butter, thus they find their perfect concoction in this recipe. My only fault with the recipe is it only made 11. 

So good, like a giant, warm reeses peanut butter cup.

On an honest note, food, computers, and crafts are not really my happiness. My happiness is wrapped up in the image below.

Anyway, should people start reading this, where is your happiness found?

secret obsession: panties

So, I should tell you that I love to buy panties (I'm not being creepy, there is a reason I'm telling you this). I like the cute frilly ones, the comfy cotton, the sexy ones just for a certain man's eyes, the flirty boy shorts, well...I like ALMOST all of them. So, when I ran into this I thought it would be great to save some money and make my own, and if would fit right along in my new craftiness.

Well, if you go to the link and you look at those, you'll see how impressive they would be. However, then I began to think about this. I've decided not to make my own, because of my personality. If I ever manage to sew something, I'm going to want to show everyone. A blouse fine, a skirt lovely, new panties...indecent exposure. I've decided I'll continue to buy over priced undies in an effort to keep my job. The price we pay! Geez.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

oh my goodness I want to see this!

Why have I only now heard of guerilla knitting?!?!?! I love it, and I'm keeping my eyes open, surely in DC someone will have done it...right? If not I'm going to Portland, Oregan, because there I am positive it has happened.
Here is how it is done:

And here are a few of my online favorites:

Just another reason I need to learn to knit. Have I mentioned why I want to learn to knit? Probably not, this is only my third post. Well, then I'll tell you, because I'm sure you're just rivoted and sitting on the edge of your seat. I just bought an english bulldog puppy and this winter he was so cold he wouldn't go outside...the answer: a sweater. Well, I went to buy him one and not only were they crazy expensive, but they didn't look that warm. After a lovely google search I found that I could knit one up. Thus, I'm learning to knit. After I master the scarf, it is on to dog sweaters (stop judging me) and then guerilla knitting!

Monday, May 18, 2009

cocoNUTS, and more

My first week has started off with an accidental BANG! I was internet surfing and found this recipe, and I had to make it. 

Now, while I'm not one to say follow the recipe, in this case, I think they wouldn't have melted as bad, if I'd used unsweetened coconut, like the recipe said. Needless to say, they were yummy.

With the leftover coconut, I decided I had to make these, because I've been wanting to try them for a while. They were quite good, but the cake is a little heavier than I like, which I often find with Barefoot Contessa recipes. Don't get me wrong, we woofed these down, but not perfection.

So, don't be fooled, I did not JUST eat coconut sweets, I also partook in this delicious soup recipe! It truly is a little party for my taste buds!

It was a lovely culinary week. I think I will be trying my hand at a nifty craft, so stay tuned.

Monday, May 11, 2009

In the beginning...

I choose this famous hebrew phrase, because if it worked for God, then I'm certainly not too good for it! (If someone actually reads this you'll find I love exclamation points, even when the text doesn't call for excitement...I apologize, but not really).

I am writing a blog (duh), not because I feel people really care about my musings, but I need some accountability! I have lived all my life waiting to find my special talents...guess what I'm 24 and still waiting. Meaning, clearly I was not born exceptionally gifted in ways that I wish would come naturally. Other than I try really, really hard, people notice, feel bad for me, and let it slide. Example 1, in grade school I started dancing (Classical Ballet), I was older, taller, and had bigger feet than all the other girls, BUT people told me how good I was and allowed me to continue even though I was nothing less than mediocre (which personally speaking is FAR worse than terrible. If I'm going to fail, I want it to be COMPLETELY). Example 2, in high school I desparately wanted to be an artist, so I took classes from an extremely talented man, only to find I had zero talent, but in all three classes he kept giving me A's making me think I was good. But, then I gained prospective/asked my teacher, who told me he grades based on work ethic not actual still hurts my ego. Final example, in college I thought I would be an Ancient Med. History prof, so I needed to learn Ancient Greek. I found a kind man to give me an Independent study, after a few "classes" he suggested we add additional casual meeting times, and by the end while I passed, he asked me if this was really necessary for me to get into graduate school. I giggled nervously, yes...I am starting graduate school for social work this fall.
Do you all see the pattern?

So, after all of that I'm sure you're wondering what is the purpose of this blog? Fear not, it is not going to be about the adventures of an underachiever, which I'm not. I am going to "talent myself up". Thus, this is the blog of a wanna be: crafter, scrapper, foodie, knitter, Spanish speaker, photographer and perhaps, if I'm feeling truly adventurous, sewer. Prepare yourself, people, for probable disaster, laughter, and hopfully something cool. I don't expect to be all of these by the end (no, I don't have a clue when the ominous "end" will be), but God willing one of them will stick!