Wednesday, May 20, 2009

happiness is present

Where does one find happiness? Now, I know you can't buy it, but I must say my new apple laptop is making me smile REAL big! My tired old, ancient dell from Christmas 2002 had seen better days, furthermore it weighed about 15 pounds, while this pretty, white doll only weighs five! I did not just get her for aesthetic reasons or to save my lower back, but I'm starting grad school in August and I needed something that moved a bit faster than my Gigi after a toddy or two. Plus, I, like so much of my generation, am enamored with Apple. Got a free Ipod too, which will be circling the world soon...keep reading to find out how and when its coming your way.

Now, on to more creative and delicious things.

I love these cute little hair gems, but I can't afford 
them, and I also question if they are worth the price. 

I thought to myself as I browsed the website, I can make something like that for much, much less. And I did:

Truly, this cost me $1.99 at Michael's because I already had the 
head band and ribbon. It is fun and flirty, and I'm excited to try it out in public.

Also, I couldn't resist this recipe...these are so good it w
ill make you want to "slap yo mama," as my boss says. I must say part of my love for these brownies are because my favorite flavor combination is chocolate and peanut butter, thus they find their perfect concoction in this recipe. My only fault with the recipe is it only made 11. 

So good, like a giant, warm reeses peanut butter cup.

On an honest note, food, computers, and crafts are not really my happiness. My happiness is wrapped up in the image below.

Anyway, should people start reading this, where is your happiness found?

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  1. I find happiness in spending Q.T. with my loved ones... by loved ones I mean family and BEST friends in the whole wide world. Miss you