Wednesday, May 20, 2009

secret obsession: panties

So, I should tell you that I love to buy panties (I'm not being creepy, there is a reason I'm telling you this). I like the cute frilly ones, the comfy cotton, the sexy ones just for a certain man's eyes, the flirty boy shorts, well...I like ALMOST all of them. So, when I ran into this I thought it would be great to save some money and make my own, and if would fit right along in my new craftiness.

Well, if you go to the link and you look at those, you'll see how impressive they would be. However, then I began to think about this. I've decided not to make my own, because of my personality. If I ever manage to sew something, I'm going to want to show everyone. A blouse fine, a skirt lovely, new panties...indecent exposure. I've decided I'll continue to buy over priced undies in an effort to keep my job. The price we pay! Geez.


  1. Hahaha. I also share in your secret obsession. lol.