Monday, June 14, 2010

my obsession of with rhubarb

I'm aching for rhubarb...the tang, the juice, the deliciousness, and all the many recipes that come from them. I only discovered the magical taste last summer, and now I can't get any, because apparently it only grows in the spring, but I got it late summer last year. I'm trying to grow my own, but it is slow going. If anyone in this area: NOVA, DC, or MD, have some or know where I can get it let me know. Here are some pics for ogling over:

*Note to self: When planting what you think is rhubarb, make sure you read the seed packet very carefully, because there is something called ruby red rhubarb swiss chard, and that is a leafy, lettuce vegetable, and it is what is planted in my container garden, and thus I still have no hope of rhubarb.

Once A discovered the mishap, he did go buy true rhubarb seeds, but now I have actually read about growing rhubarb, and I have learn some important tidbits for the future: 1. it is finicky about the temperature 2. once you get it to grow, it can get our of control and you'll have rhubarb up to your ears...I could only hope...

Thus, I'm putting aside my rhubarb dreams for now, and focusing on convincing the condo association we live in to let us grow a community garden behind our building next spring...and you better believe I'll have my rhubarb seeds ready!

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