Monday, August 17, 2009

If only I had $400...sigh

So, yesterday at the Georgetown Flea Market I saw two of these Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chair, which were made in the 50s. I've seen them before on Chair Whore and I really like them (although they do nothing for hubby who, despite the year, thinks they are too modern). When I saw them yesterday, in excellent condition, I tried to not get too excited, because I didn't want to alert the other onlookers to such a great find. So, I asked the seller the price: 200 a piece. That is a freaking steal. I mean way to much for my current pocketbook, but sweet Baby Jesus that is a deal, usually they are like 900 a piece. Anyway, a girl can dream. Its nice to know someone will have these lovely chairs at a (relatively) lovely price.

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