Thursday, February 11, 2010

What separates the crunchies from those who just like granola?

So, my handsome husband called me a crunchie last night, which is a California term that refers to people who eat granola and don't shave and spend a lot of time in the woods and LL Bean. This happened because I decided to make my own granola (which is yummy, although I did burn it a little...opps...i'll still eat it!) Now, does that a crunchie make? I'm not sure lets review:
1. Granola: Hell Yes!
2. Shaving: Armpits like everyday, legs as often as I can force myself.
3. LL Bean: I own nothing from this store, I'm more of a JCrew and Anthropologie girl, although I do love North Face and Patagonia, which is kind of the same...tie
4. Hiking: Yes please
5. Kayaking and mountain climbing: I enjoy it, but I haven't been in years. (although I did buy Adam a kayak for Christmas.
6. Deodorant: Okay, in all honesty I stopped wearing deodorant, but it was a little stinky after long metro rides, so now I wear all is quite lovely without the nasty harmful stuff. Much better than TOMS if anyone has ever tried their brand and it is homemade!!!
7. Prius: no, but I'd love a gas saving car. However, I must say we are in crazy snow conditions right now, and I love that we can rely on our big xterra to save the day...gotta love that four wheel maybe no to gas savers.
8. Hair: I wash it everyday, but I'm thinking about not just because it is supposed to be better for my hair in the long run. There is this stuff you can spray in it so it doesn't look gross...I'm not there yet.
9. All natural makeup or none at all: Okay, so I don't really wear makeup, but when I do it is whatever I have or my sister has sold me (MaryKay). My current obsession is this Bobbi Brown red lipstick...luscious my friends!
10. Trader Joes: Yes, one of my favorites, but I love Wegmans more.
11. I feel like in all honesty I should also say I only use organic cotton tampons that have not had any pesticides used on the cotton. I once heard a friend of mine read a paper about it. I simply can't do anything else.
12. Farmer's Market: As often as possible!

Really that only makes about 6 out of 12 things, so a crunchie I am not, but that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying a bowl of my yummy granola and thinking about going climbing later this month...oh and I love yoga too...I better stop before I go over the edge.

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