Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is a busy summer. My love and I are gone for five straight weekends, with no breathers, and two full weeks as well. Trust me I love it, but I feel like I haven't been at all crafty. As does my husband who is still waiting for these cool place mats I'm planning on making.

However, since I haven't really been cooking, crafting, or scraping I read instead, because I still have metro rides and plane rides. Interesting what I have been reading is all about food, and is it every tasty!

The first book reads like a chemistry novel, and I am so stoked to start baking that I had a hard time not running out for flour last night as I read the seductive science to my husband suffering from a sinus infection.

You know you've found the right person for you when you can cuddle on the couch and read out loud to the other...about baking bread or anything else!

The other book I've been wanting to read for months. It is the reason I started reading blogs and thus created my own. Molly, the author, was in town for a book signing which was mentioned in the Express, my local free news source. I was so intrigued by the write-up I looked her up and then was casted upon the world of blogging after so many years of making fun of it. However, I have put myself on a book budget because I can seriously spend SO much money on literature and such that I have to contain myself. However, when I was out to dinner with a lovely blond friend of mine we walked by Krammer Books in Dupont which I've been dying to go in since I moved to this city, so really it was fate. How can a girl resist buying a book she has wanted for ages in a book store she has always wanted to peruse? She can't, and neither can I.

It is as good as everyone has said. Everyone who has reviewed this is correct. This reads both as a poignant novel and divine cookbook. I'm happy.

Am I the only one who thinks this new memoir/cookbook hybrid is ingenious? Is this new or am I behind the cooking times?

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