Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Discovered blogs after I got married...

I was not into blogs until I became unemployed and needed to fill my days with something, so I started reading food blogs, which led to design blogs, fashion blogs, mommy blogs (don't ask, never been pregnant), and then somehow wedding blogs. I was married at this point, in fact JUST married. I was unemployed because I moved to him for his job, and finding work in D.C. in 2008 was not all that easy. Anyway, after the discovery of blogs, I started kicking myself for not finding them earlier for all the great wedding advice. I loved my wedding, sure the groomsmen forgot black socks and I forgot to make a schedule for the reception, but hey that's life right? I mean details are simply NOT my thing...I apologize to my future children when I will forget to wash your shirt for purple shirt day and am frantically sewing on your boy scout patches on the way to the banquet.

Anyway, then I started my own blog for shits and giggles, mostly so I can catalogue cool stuff I see on the internet and I can have all the blogs I read i
n one place.

However, I recently ran across these:

How freaking cute! I would plan my wedding again (not really) to use these!

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