Monday, May 31, 2010

The pots and our little gardening how to...

After reading this book, I was inspired to try out gardening. Then, I had A. read it, and he equally was thrilled (he already loved gardening, but liked the idea of me being involved and doing it all in pots). After returning home from a very long work trip, we went to our favorite antique store in Northern Virginia and had three great finds.

Then, we put our little garden together, with the cool wash tub, wash basin, and my personal favorite the tobacco jar. Following the directions
in the book we started planting:

Along with the new "pots" we also used several we already had and the almost dead rose and strawberries were already planted.
We did a mix of seeds and little plants to see which was better.

We put holes in the bottom for drainage.

The book said to use either styrofoam or stones to help with drainage.

Fill to the top. We used an organic vegetable potting soil.

Our puppy was a big help. The aqua feeders were leftover from the last balcony garden. They are a pain to fill, but I think they are pretty.

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