Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh, hello, and who are you again?

I don't know if you can officially call me a slacker, considering, well, no one reads this. However, I felt guilty to myself to neglecting this, mostly because it is fun. Anyway, it isn't so much that I haven't done anything, as I haven't posted it. I thought about going back and posting everything, but that seemed tedious and unnecessary. Then, I thought about starting fresh, but that somehow left something out. Instead, I'm going back a little, and slightly out of date for the next few posts. Today: holiday goodies all bagged (canned) up:

The cans are from Michael's. The tags were from this blog (free template), the ribbon was Target. The peppermint bark and caramel corn recipes both came from the awesome blogger Orangette.

Hopefully, I'll be back soon with a post on Polyface Farms which we visited to get our Thanksgiving turkey!

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  1. FINALLY!!! I love it when you update!!! :) Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!! xoxo C