Saturday, October 17, 2009

I have a little thing for pumpkins.

So, as a decorative element I love "the pumpkin". I love their shape and colors and ultimate coolness, which is one reason I really love the fall season because I love the pumpkin. I wish pumpkins had been the center piece of my wedding. Actually I wish these had been...

How outstanding would that have been? Oh how I wish I'd stuck to my first theme of fall, and not gotten so distracted, by what I don't know, maybe the cost, maybe the frustration, but I should have just gone Fall and stuck with it. Don't get me wrong my wedding was lovely, but when I think back on it, I think of all these other cool ideas. Perhaps my husband and I should get married again. Scrap that lets just have a party, my wedding day was too emotional (all good) to do again!

Anyway, so you get it, I love pumpkins. However, we live in an apartment right now, and I'm not willing to do jack-o-lanterns because of the fruit flies, so this is my alternative:

Isn't he cute? He was my grandmother's, and I love him. However, I did buy these beauties, and we're going to paint them soon. (I hope).
I'm also rather digging this idea, but I wonder how much glitter it would take for one of these 20 lb pumpkins?

I did buy a bunch of funky gourds, maybe I'll glitter one of them instead.

There are also these super cool pumpkins I've found and I've been wanting as an all year decoration, but the husband thinks they are cool, but only for the fall. I wonder what the rest of the world thinks about these pumpkins as casual house decorations?

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