Monday, October 12, 2009

Shhh! Don't tell him...

So, a while ago I was told by the husband that he didn't like those old 1950s glass door knobs. At the time I just assumed it was a character flaw that I could fix later. But, now I'm started to get concerned. Was he serious? Was it a joke? Can he change?

I mean look at how great these are:


After reading this article, I'm even more sure that I want to start scavenging flea markets and antique stores to find them, because this chica isn't paying $500 for a door knob, I mean PALEASEEE!
Once we move into the new abode, I think one day they'll just start showing up...the question is will he notice? And if he does what will be his response? Sometimes we play these passive aggressive games. Like the quilt on the bed, I like it folded a certain way and he likes it a different way, so depending on who makes the bed that is how it gets folded. Would he start silently switching the door knobs, just as I plan to "silently"/not tell him about it?

Only the future tells ladies and gentlemen...

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